Portfolio of dispute resolution processes, each of which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Focuses on fundamental and practical techniques to successfully resolve disputes.

Analysis and solutions-based consultancy to impact organisational efficiency.

Practicing Lobbying for Legislation with years of experience and access to lobby your case.


Considering that Pakistan’s contract enforcement indicators are not encouraging and it takes number of years and cost of contract enforcement. PMA resolves to lead and support interventions which will enable litigants and disputants to resolve disputes amicably and through mediation process. PMA’s aims and objects therefore include the following.

  • Promotion of mediation process for resolution of disputes.
  • Support to government, semi-government and non-governmental organizations in law reforms pertaining to ADR and mediation.
  • Awareness raising among various groups, professionals and entities on mediation.
  • Provision of capacity building opportunities for professionals in field of mediation.
  • Network and develop and maintain linkages with like minded local and foreign based organizations in field of mediation.
  • Hold conferences, workshops and other forums in field of mediation in Pakistan.