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Portfolio of dispute resolution processes, each of which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Focuses on fundamental and practical techniques to successfully resolve disputes.

Analysis and solutions-based consultancy to impact organisational efficiency.

Practicing Lobbying for Legislation with years of experience and access to lobby your case.

Dispute Resolution

A process of resolving issues among parties is dispute resolution. Negotiation can be defined as back-and-forth communication designed to reach an agreement between two or more parties with some interests that are shared and others that may conflict or simply be different.1 As such, negotiation is one of the most basic forms of interaction, intrinsic to any kind of joint action, as well as to problem solving and dispute resolution. It can be verbal or nonverbal, explicit or implicit, direct or through intermediaries, oral or written, face-to-face, ear-to-ear, or by letter or e-mail.

Our team has the experience to handle any disputes in a legal and professional manner. You will be surprised that both parties can have a win-win situation.

Please send us your dispute questions and we will assist you in resolving  your disputes.