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Portfolio of dispute resolution processes, each of which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Focuses on fundamental and practical techniques to successfully resolve disputes.

Analysis and solutions-based consultancy to impact organisational efficiency.

Practicing Lobbying for Legislation with years of experience and access to lobby your case.

Lobbying for Legislation


Lobbying: Organized and managed successful lobbying efforts in local general assembly.

Local Legislation: Assisted a local government with an initiative for approval of special project delivery system.

Design-build Legislation: Worked as a resource for a task force studying changes to the public procurement laws to authorise design-build project delivery.

White Paper: Drafted model design-build public procurement code for local government.

  • A lobbying model of the legislative and judicial process is presented to explore why dismissal protection often relies on the involvement of courts.
  • As employer associations become stronger, court activity increases, and firm’s costs and worker’s payoffs decrease.
  • Higher court costs tend to reduce the extent of labour court disputes and may, therefore, actually reduce the cost of judicial involvement.
  • Court systems that can be lobbied more effectively make reliance on courts less attractive for the trade union if it is the stronger party.

Please send us your concerns and we will lobby your case with government.